Image Rendering Using a Table

One of the hardest parts about email marketing is that you never know which inbox your mailing will land in. Because there are so many different email readers - each with their own ways HTML rendering - it's very challenging to come up with layouts that work well in every single email client. To ensure that your images render correctly, follow these steps.

The secret sauce is to use tables with your images.


Open a mailing and edit a story.

Using the HTML Editor toolbar, navigate to the Insert Table tool >Table Properties > 1x1

This will insert a single cell table in your story.

Place cursor in the newly created table and click the Insert/Edit Image tool.

Insert an Existing Image

To locate a previously uploaded image from the asset manager, click the yellow folder icon.


Click the image folder to view images

Click the image you'd like to insert into your story

The checkbox in the lower right of the image is checked

Click Insert

Upload a New Image

You will often need to get a new image into Informz. Once uploaded to the asset manager, an image can be used over and over anywhere in Informz that supports images.

Click the Upload button

Either navigate to the file you'd like to upload or use drag & drop

  • To Upload, select Add files in the bottom right hand corner, select the image, hit open and then select Upload.
  • Drag and Drop the image into the asset manager upload window and select Upload.

The checkbox in the lower right of the image is checked

Click Insert

It's Better to Be Safe...

Using the Asset Manager to host all of your images is a great way to stay organized and wrapping an image in a table is a great way to make sure that the image renders properly in your subscriber's inbox.