iDSS Troubleshooting

The following subsections are designed to help you troubleshoot any problems with iDSS.

Sync Errors

Contacts highlighted in red on the distribution lists indicated a sync error that occurred while syncing that particular contact to Informz.

To fix this, go to the Contacts Distribution List tab and uncheck the distribution list the contact was added to and click Save. Then, re-check the box and click Save again. This will make the contact re-sync with Informz, as well as the distribution list, and hopefully fix the error. (See the Duplicates section of this page below, if the word DUPLICATE appears after this re-sync.)

If this doesn’t fix the error, users can ask Informz to check the XML call and system error to see what information Informz has to help investigate further.


Note that if the word DUPLICATE appears after the contact in the list (above), it means there is one email address associated with more than one contact record in iDSS.

Informz only allows unique email address with contacts synced with Informz. One of the contacts needs to be modified in iDSS to fix to error. Please see below for more information about changing an email address on a contact record. [ACCURATE?]

Changing Email Addresses on Contact Records

In Informz, a person’s email is the unique subscriber key, so 1 email address should be for 1 contact record in the system. When an email address on a contact record is changed in iDSS, be aware that it will create a brand new, additional contact record in Informz. The tracking history in Informz for the OLD email address will still be available, but a NEW tracking history on the new email address will also be created. So in order for people to NOT to receive emails at the OLD email address, those people need to be removed from all the lists in Informz that they were on with the old email address.

Down Connection

If an advisor is getting reports of lists not syncing correctly or values not updating as expected, the first thing the advisor should do is open a case, saying it is an iDSS integration and list the interest name with the specific information about what is wrong. (This case will be marked as “in progress and updating,” or “with client” and waiting for a response from the client. It is also left in the unassigned queue.)

Timing is important as Informz only stores 2 weeks of calls before purging.