iDSS Syncing

When you create distribution lists in iDSS (by adding contacts and queries), you can sync them to Informz. This occurs in real time and creates a corresponding interest-based target group in Informz. All lists synced with Informz are reusable and are populated with the most current data.

Note that syncs can occur automatically (e.g. by updating a list or sending a mailing) or manually.

Contacts in iDSS update with the Informz subscriber ID after the sync occurs.

Any changes made in customer records or to distribution lists also sync with Informz. The changes are copied to Informz when the changes are made and saved.

When a contact record that has already been synced to Informz is deactivated in iDSS, Informz also removes the contact record from the target group.

Contact Records

When you create a contact record in iDSS, and add that contact to a distribution list that syncs with Informz, the contact is updated with an Informz code. This code indicates that there is an Informz record and that the changes automatically carry forward to Informz.

Sync Errors

When a contact is highlighted in red on a distribution list, it indicates that there was an error syncing the contact to Informz.

To fix this, navigate to the Contacts Distribution List tab.

Uncheck the distribution list with the error and click Save.

Recheck the distribution list to re-add the contact and click Save. This forces a resync with Informz.

If this does not correct the problem, reach out to your Advisor. Informz SoftOps can check the XML call and system error to resolve the error.

Duplicate Records

If the word Duplicate displays after a contact, the email associated with the record is also associated with another contact record in iDSS. Informz only allows unique email addresses. To fix this, correct the email address in one of the records.

One More Thing!

All lists should be managed from iDSS. Changes made in iDSS update automatically in Informz. However, this is a one-way street, and changes in Informz do not update iDSS!