iDSS Distribution Lists (Target Groups) Overview

In iDSS, Distribution Lists become target groups in Informz. The recipients of any mailings sent to distribution lists are saved in the Contact records.

To access iDSS’s distribution list features, navigate to Mail > Distribution Lists.


Creating Distribution Lists

Navigate to Mail > Distribution Lists.

Click Add.

Enter a list name and description for the list. Check the corresponding checkbox for each user you want to view/use/edit the list. Please note that any users who remain unchecked will be unable to see or edit the list unless they are an Admin.

Click Save.

If necessary, check the MembershipDL checkbox at the top of the screen to tell iDSS that the people included in the distribution list are also members.

To deactivate a distribution list, uncheck the Active checkbox and click Save.

Admin Permissions

As above, users who wish to see, edit, or add to distribution lists need to be assigned Distribution List User access. Admin users automatically have these permissions.

Editing Distribution List Names

To edit the name of a distribution list, you must first deactivate a list by unchecking the Active checkbox. Alternatively, you can send a bulk email to the list so that the Edit button displays.

As a best practice, name all distribution lists with the same name that shows in Informz. This will provide consistency and avoid confusion when syncing or adding contacts.


Distribution lists can be created from queries with a list of names and email addresses. Click Create Distribution List to create these queries. Note that this option is only available for queries that contain both email addresses and contacts.

Updating Distribution Lists

Queries are useful when updating distribution lists. If the Add to Distribution List checkbox is checked within the query, and some of the contacts who wish to be included are already in that distribution list, then the list will not duplicate the contacts.

Deleting Target Groups

If you wish to delete distribution lists (whose data were pushed to Informz), the lists behave as regular interest target groups/uploaded distribution lists. This allows the lists to be deleted through the Informz UI.

If iDSS scheduled the lists to refresh in the iDSS database, then the target groups reappear in Informz. As a best practice, delete the lists in both iDSS and Informz.

But Wait, There's More!

Target groups allow you to put your valuable subscriber data to work. Check out the related articles to learn about adding your subscribers to distribution lists in iDSS.