Illinois ASBO Increased Event Revenue by $20,000

June 14, 2017

The Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) is devoted to the school business management profession, providing members with professional development activities, services, and advocacy.

Like many organizations, inefficient internal processes held up their event campaign creation process. IASBO was struggling with delivering members targeted content, resulting in lower engagement.

By recognizing the changes they needed to make, IASBO revitalized their marketing efforts, resulting in astonishing gains in engagement, event attendance, and non-dues revenue.

Here’s how they did it.

The Challenge

“We wanted to move toward a more targeted approach with our marketing, therefore requiring data,” explains Tammy Curry, Senior Graphic Designer at IASBO.

“Before moving to Informz, our AMS and email solution were not integrated, making it a challenge to easily get the data we needed.”

List requests for every email needed to be made days in advance, then sent to Tammy’s team to be uploaded for email marketing purposes.

“For event campaigns, this was especially tough to manage. Most of our time was spent pulling lists and ensuring data accuracy.”

IASBO was also struggling with email engagement with open rates hovering around 10%.

“We had no insight into why they didn’t open, or why they were not registering for our event,” Tammy explained.

As is often the case, email content was crafted to speak to the entire audience, not the individual. To meet their targeted marketing approach, this needed to change.

The Solution

IASBO sought out an integrated solution, and found Informz for netFORUM Pro.

“The integration with netForum Pro was the number one reason why we moved to Informz, and it has surpassed our expectations. It has cut our time spent managing data lists in half, if not three quarters.” Tammy continued, “Informz was a catalyst for us to use our AMS at a deeper level.”

IASBO was empowered with Informz Marketing Automation and greater data access via the integration. They built targeted event campaigns filled with personalized and compelling content.

Messages could be crafted to promote events in a way that illustrated the benefits for each membership type, such as vendors, administrators, or facility groups. Each has unique needs, different pricing, and varied reasons for attending.

Because of the automated campaign, IASBO can speak to each of these groups separately.

“Our messages are no longer simply ‘come to our conference.’ They have evolved into ‘come to this conference that affects you in this way,’” explained Tammy.

The Results

As a result of the integration and automated campaigns, engagement rates are skyrocketing and revenue has increased by 35%. Attendance is up and members are getting more from their IASBO membership.

“Our open rates have more than tripled since moving to Informz. We were consistently around 10%, now we are disappointed if we are below 40%. That’s a 300% increase,” shared Tammy.

This dramatic increase is due to the power of delivering relevant content.

“Members are more engaged now. It’s not about delivering content we think they want, but instead what they actually want based on preferences or behavior.”

The impressive results didn’t just end with engagement. Utilizing automated campaigns and engaging with the different member types uniquely has had a huge effect on event attendance.

From 2015 to 2016, IASBO saw an average attendance increase of 45%. This increase was coupled with a $20,000 increase in revenue — a 35% increase for IASBO.

“For me, being able to do automated campaigns where you can set it up and walk away feels professional. While working for an association, you often have limited resources. You try to do a lot, but you can only do so much. Informz allows us to do so much more with that little bit, which is an amazing feeling,” said Tammy.