Hyperlinks in Survey Questions

Did you know that you can place hyperlinks in Survey questions? The process is as simple as adding some HTML tags around the text you wish to use as a hyperlink. Hyperlinks in survey questions can be useful in a couple different situations:

  • As links in statement questions at the end of a survey that direct traffic to your organization’s website.
  • As references to pages that the survey asks about (such as a PDF).


Identify the question text that you want to hyperlink. Create or modify a question. In the Question field, enter the following HTML tags around text to become the hyperlink:

<a href="www.[websitename].org">Astronomy Organization</a>

​Click Make Changes.

The text is now hyperlinked in the question!

One More Thing…

Make sure you remember that hyperlinks may potentially divert users from their ultimate task: completing the survey! To avoid interfering with the survey too much, you’ll want to add a parameter to the HTML that opens the link in a new tab. Use the “_blank” attribute to do this (see the example below):

<a href="www.[websitename].org" target="_blank">Astronomy Organization</a>

This attribute tells your browser to open the link in a new tab, preventing you from losing any data in the current survey tab!