Hyperlink Tool

We want each of our mailings to have hyperlinks that take our readers to a specific place. However, once you start tinkering with web tracking attributes, classes, styling, and so forth, this can become a major headache! If you've ever experienced a bit of anxiety while creating a precise hyperlink in a From HTML mailing, you've come to the right place.

Informz includes a hyperlink tool that generates the exact markup you need to ensure that your hyperlinks work correctly.


Navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > Create > From HTML (or open an existing From HTML mailing).

Click Hyperlink Tool to expand the page and reveal the hyperlink generation tool.

Click the Hyperlink dropdown list and select the type of hyperlink to add (note that each type has its own selection options).

  • Web Page
  • Web Version of this Mailing
  • Form Landing Page
  • Content-Only Landing Page
  • Unsubscribe Hyperlink
  • Email Address
  • Document

When ready, click Generate Hyperlink Markup. If necessary, check the Disable Tracking checkbox to ensure that the subsequent HTML excludes any tracking information (this automatically adds the necessary attribute to disable web tracking).

Click Copy Markup to copy the HTML markup to your computer’s clipboard. You can now add the code to your mailing.

Don't Forget Your Unsubscribe Link

With Informz, you have the power to make hyperlink errors a thing of the past! Just remember to generate and include an unsubscribe link in your mailings! To learn more about unsubscribe link requirements, check out the following articles: