Hyperlink to a Mailing in a Different Language

Do you have bilingual subscribers or target groups? If so, there is a way to offer the "same mailing" in an additional language! Behind the scenes, you've created two distinct mailings. However, to the recipients, there is one mailing with an alternative option included. Let's take a look.  


In this example, you'll create two versions of the mailing, one in English and one in French. Use the template based on the language. (you'll have two versions of the templates - English and French).

English Version

French Version

Once your mailings are complete, publish both mailings to yourself.

In the Mailing Designer Set-Up tab, click the To field.

Select the Enter a list of email addresses for the entire mailing radio button.

Enter your email address in the provided field.

In the Send tab, send each version of the mailing to yourself (English and French). Now that each mailing has been sent, you'll have an Archived Mailing. You can then link the each mailing to the alternative mailing (the one in the different language).

Navigate to Mailings > View > Sent tab. Locate the two sent mailings.

Hover over the Menu icon and select Copy for both mailings. This creates a new copy in the In Progress tab.

Open the new copies in the In Progress tab.

In the Mailing Designer Setup tab, click the Template Edit icon to update the template.

Highlight the alternate language link and click the Insert Hyperlink icon to edit it.

In the Insert Hyperlink window, click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select Archived Mailing. Next, click the Archived Mailing dropdown list and select the alternate langauge version.

Click Update to update the template and return to the mailing.

Repeat this process for both mailings.

Time to Send!

Now that you have hyperlinked both mailings to the appropriate archived mailings, you can send them to the appropriate target groups!