Hyperlink Test

The Hyperlink Test is a great way to check to see if all of the links within your mailing are working properly. Fixing a link before the mailing goes out is much easier to do than after it goes out. Read on to learn how the test works!


In the Mailing Designer, navigate to the Test ‚Äčtab.

Click Hyperlink Test.

A green checkmark indicates that the links are working properly and are good to go.

A red "X" indicates that the link may be broken. Enter a corrected URL in the white box, and click Test to re-test the corrected link.

It Never Hurts to Double-Check...

Running the hyperlink test is a great way to avoid having your subscribers attempt to navigate to a broken link. If you forget to run the test, and you find out after that there was a broken link, check out the Emergency Link Change feature.