HTML Paste

If you have an HTML design that works really well for your organization, Informz wants you to use it! In Mailing Designer 2, you'll have the option to paste HTML code directly into Informz. Let's take a look.


Navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > Create > From HTML.

The HTML window opens. Here, you'll find three tabs:

  • Code
  • Options
  • Review & Send

Enter the code for your design in the left panel; Informz previews your design in the right panel. Click Preview to refresh the preview panel. Note that for any hyperlinks to work directly from the preview panel, they must have the appropriate protocol (HTTP:// or HTTPS://) as part of the URL.

Click Tidy to clean up your code's formatting.

Click Hyperlink Tool to generate the markup for any hyperlinks.

Click the Magnifying Glass icon to search your lines of code for a specific term.

Additional Notes

You can use the following Informz Content Code as the online version URL for your mailing: %%WEB_VERSION%%

For example, you could use the following code to directly link to the web version:

<a href="%%WEB_VERSION%%">Web Version</a>

No Barriers

Nothing should stand in the way of your creativity! Whether you prefer a drag-and-drop interface or something more traditional, Informz has you covered.