How To Work with Special Characters in API

Special characters are, let's face it, special to work with. This article outlines how you can successfully get special characters from your system into Informz for use in personalizations and mailings. Let's learn how!


The Informz API uses UTF-8 encoding. When you are building your XML to send data into Informz, always HTML encode any characters with codepoints (ANSI codes) greater than 127. If you don't do this, it can cause decompression errors in uploads that contain those characters.

Below is an example of what characters might look like in your system:

When you view them in inside Informz, they may look like this:

When you build the mailing and insert the personalization code, it looks something like this:

Now, when you send your mailing, you'll see the characters render as they would in your system.

Know Your Use Cases

Now that you an idea of how to use special characters in the API, make sure you're aware of situations when you need to use them. These characters are typically needed when you're working with accent marks in non-English languages (e.g. the umlaut in German words like "Das Wörterbuch" - dictionary) or when you are using trademark, copyright, or other symbols.