How to Work with Queues

Queues in Socializer allow you to set times to post messages from a content pool. This is especially useful for “general content” or other messages that are not time-sensitive. Let’s look at how to take a new message (post) and add it to a queue.


Once you’ve added all your content, attachments, etc. to your post, click the Queue icon. Here, you can select the queue you want to add your message to in the Smart Queue dropdown list.

Click the Plus (+) icon to create a new queue. This opens the Smart Queue dialogue.

Here, you’ll manage all settings and publishing times for your queue.

  • Queue Name: Enter a unique name for your queue.
  • Recycle Messages: When this setting is “On,” messages added to the queue are reused after all other messages have been published. Messages continue to publish until they are either deleted from the queue or the setting is “Off.”
  • Contributors: Click this field to select contributors who can add posts/messages to the queue.

You can change the time slot settings for a day by selecting that day from the menu. To edit or add a specific time slot, simply click it and select the desired time. Alternatively, click the Optimal Time (asterisk) button to use a behind-the-scenes algorithm to optimize your posting time (please note that these times are only available once you have been posting through Socializer for long enough that Informz has calculated these times based on the engagement, reposting, etc. of your messages across all the services).

To add a new time, click the Plus (+) icon. To delete a time, click the Delete (x) icon.

When you’ve finished modifying your settings, click Save.

Click Add to Queue to add your post to the queue.


There are a couple key benefits to using queues that you should consider:

  • Queues are useful for general content that can boost your organization’s social presence. By using optimal sending times, you’ll draw from your content in a more organic way.
  • Anything in a queue is tracked in the reporting feature within Socializer.
  • Queues work best with large pools of content to draw from, especially if you recycle content. If your content pool is too small, you run the risk of reposting the same content too frequently!

Note that because queues are designed to post at optimal times (rather than specific times), it’s best to schedule important/time-sensitive posts rather than add them to the content pool for your queue.