What to Do When a Mailing is Not Being Received

There are many reasons that can keep a mailing from being received. If you or a subscriber are having issues receiving test or sent mailings through Informz, you can follow the steps below to help determine the problem.


  1. Search for the subscriber record in Informz to see if the mailing was delivered by navigating to Subscribers > Search > Details & History > Mailings. If the mailing is shown as being delivered, then the issue lies with the receiver's filter settings. If the mail is showing a bounce or block, click here to troubleshoot further.
  2. It may be necessary to look up all recipients with that domain to see if just one or all are not receiving the mail. If it is only one recipient, then it would be a user setting (ask them to add you to their address book or have them check their spam or junk folder for the mailing and move to the inbox). If the issue is happening with all of the recipients, then there is a global issue with receiving the mail and you may need to reach out to that domain owner or postmaster (if it's a private domain) to have your IPs/domain whitelisted.
  3. Check the content of your mailing; content plays a big role in whether or not mail is classified as spam. Test the content using our Virtual Inbox test or by sending an email to this mail test tool and checking the results. You can also check out additional tips here to avoid being classified as spam.
  4. If you haven't checked your sender authentication (which is similar to a license to send email), click here and follow Step 1. This is another factor that affects your deliverability, so it is important to have this in place (and to rule this out as a potential cause).