How to Test Personalizations

Using personalization fields in your mailings is an inviting way to increase engagement. If you want to look at the personalization values that your subscribers see, you can use the personalization test. Let's take a look!


Create or open a mailing in MD2. Make sure that you've set a target group on the Options tab before you begin (Informz uses the data from the target group subscribers in the personalization test).

Click the Review & Send tab.

Scroll down to the Personalization Test heading and click Run Test.

After the test is complete, you'll see a list of subscribers and their corresponding personalization values. Note that Informz only displays personalization values that you've added to the mailing.

Any fields that contain blank values display a warning icon. These fields are replaced with the personalization's default value when you send the mailing.

Check the Show recipients with missing personalization only checkbox to view all subscribers with at least one blank value.

To search your subscribers, enter a term in the search field and click search. Informz displays the term in the header row and locates all fields that contain your search term.

To remove the search term, click the icon next to that term in the header row.

Integration Personalizations

If you're using an integration, you're in good hands! Informz uses the personalization cache to test integrated personalization values. Click here to learn more!

Personalized Perfection

While "perfection" might be an impossibly lofty goal, testing can bring you pretty close! It's a valuable part of your Informz toolkit, so take advantage of the personalization test and the many other ways you can ensure that the mailing in your subscribers' inboxes is exactly what they want!