How To Sync Lists And Personalizations

The key to a robust integration is to first plan how to keep the various lists of subscribers inside your system synced with those lists inside Informz. Let's learn how!

Relevant Definitions

Before you begin developing, you'll need to understand a few key definitions in Informz.

  • Subscribers: A set of contacts, members, people, etc. 
  • Lists (aka Interests): The different groups of subscribers (e.g. all active members).
  • Personalizations: Different subscriber attributes (e.g. first name).
  • Demographics: Different picklist (options with a limited number of selections) subscriber attributes (e.g. gender).

Steps Toward Developing

There are several decisions that you'll need to make when developing. Always consider the following:

  • Decide how users are going to create and name lists of subscribers in your system.
  • Decide how those lists are be stored in your native system.
  • Decide which combination of personalizations and demographics to include with subscribers. 
  • Build the XML call to Informz. This "pushes" this information from your system into Informz. Look at the BulkUpload With Interests article for guidance.
  • Decide how frequently to repeat the above call to keep the values in sync. Informz recommends once a day.

Planning Makes Perfect

If you take the time to plan out what you want from your integration and how it should work. If you have a good sense of your ultimate goal, you'll experience fewer "headaches" down the line!