How to Set Target Groups

Because your subscribers are organized in target groups, you'll need to set a targeting option for your mailings. The Targeting tab displays all target groups in a list/tree structure that is sorted alphabetically.

Let's look at how to set your mailing's targeting.


Open a mailing designer mailing and navigate to the Options tab > Targeting tab.

On the page's left side, you'll see a list of folders. The number next to each folder shows the total number of target groups within that folder. Informz only shows active (non-deleted) target groups. Additionally, any folders with zero target groups and deleted folders are not displayed.

Click your desired folder to view the target groups it contains.

The number next to the target group shows the total number of subscribers within that target group. Each target group also has two associated buttons (Plus sign and No sign).

  • Click the Plus sign to add the target group to the Included target groups (you may only select one target group to include).
  • Click the No sign to add the target group to the Excluded target groups. These target groups are excluded from the mailing. You can select multiple target groups to exclude from the mailing.

Enter a search term in the Search field to locate specific target groups.  The search is not case sensitive and does not support wild cards.

There are two other targeting options. You can choose to add up to 15 specific email addresses to receive the mailing and you can click the provided dropdown list to send to a test group.

Advanced Targeting

Click Show Advanced Targeting to expand the page and reveal the advanced targeting options.

There are three checkboxes that allow you to fine-tune your targeting:

  • Exclude those who have been sent this mailing before
  • Exclude those in the following Opt-Out Lists: This option expands the page and lets you select any opt-out lists to use as exclusion criteria.
  • Exclude the following Email Addresses: Enter any specific email addresses to exclude from your mailing (up to 100).

Precision Targeting

Informz provides many different targeting options to let you cast your net broadly or make make your targeting laser accurate. With the help of the robust reporting suite you have with Informz, you'll be able to refine your mailing's targeting to the exact audience you need.