How to Select Integration Attributes for Caching

When Informz caches personalization information, it stores information from your integrated database. Informz allows remote personalization fields to display in your Informz accounts as table columns for the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • iMIS
  • MemberNation (Salesforce)
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2014 (and later)
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2013 (and earlier)
  • netFORUM Pro
  • Nimble (Salesforce)
  • Personify360
  • Salesforce

When enabled, these fields appear as selectable columns in any subscriber listing, and you can preview data in those fields!


Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of Personalization Attributes.

Click the Plus (+) icon to open your desired list of personalizations (note that some integrations link personalizations directly to target groups while others use a common list).

Select the attribute you wish to cache and check the corresponding Caches Data checkbox.

You can select up to 20 fields (you’ll receive an error if you attempt to select additional fields).

Click Save Changes & Refresh Cache to finish.

Refreshing Your Personalization Cache

Selected personalization fields sync weekly. Additionally, you can sync on an ad hoc basis by clicking Refresh Personalization Cache on the Bridge Configuration page.

Integration Personalizations vs. Cached Personalizations

When you send a mailing to a remote subscriber, Informz uses the integration value to populate the corresponding personalization field (not the cached value). This ensures that your mailings use the most current information available in your integration database.