How to Search “All Folders” to Find Target Groups

Let’s face it – we all lose things. While car keys may be the most common culprits, you may find that you’ve lost track of a target group in Informz. No worries! There’s an easy way to find them. All you need to do is look under All Folders. Let’s see how.


If you can’t find a target group, switch your view to All Folders. To do this, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

In the top right, click the Folders dropdown list and select All Folders.

Your view updates to include target groups in every folder in your Informz account. Now you can further sort your target groups using the available columns. For example, if you needed to find an action-based target group, you could sort accordingly!

Cast the Widest Net

Regardless of where you start, using the All Folders view lets you cast the widest net available. This gives you the chance to easily find your missing target group (and maybe some others you may have lost too!). Additionally, if you remember part of your target group's name, you can use the search field to search within the All Folders view.