How to Save Landing Page Templates

Imagine that you've created a sleek new content Landing Page in Informz, and you want to use it again and again for all sorts of different information. However, you don't want to redo all the effort you've dedicated. No worries! Informz's Landing Pages are another way to help you communicate your organization's important messages and preference options to your subscribers, and because it's important to convey a consistent message, Informz lets users create Landing Page Templates from existing pages.


To save a Landing Page as a template, you'll need a to first create a Landing Page. Your Landing Page can have any status - In Progress, Active, and Archive can all be saved as templates!

Hover over the Landing Page’s Menu icon and select Save As Template.

The Save As Template window opens. Here, you’ll enter a template Name and Description.

Always be sure to check your template’s Design, Mobile, and Process tabs. You cannot edit a template once it has been saved!

There is no limit to the number of Landing Page templates you can create. However, please note that Landing Pages templates preserve the Landing Page type (Content-Only, Form, or Unsubscribe Forms).

To select a template, create a new Landing Page and click the Custom tab.

You’ll see a list of all Landing Page templates available. This lists the template’s name, type, description, author’s username, and creation date.

To delete a template, simply hover over the icon and click the X in the upper right corner.

The template icon changes to a confirmation message. Click Delete Now to permanently delete your template or Cancel to cancel your change. Please note that deleted templates cannot be undeleted!

Do the Heavy Lifting Up Front!

Designing your best possible Landing Page can take some time and mental energy, but once you have one that speaks to your subscribers, you can use your templates to "set it and forget it!"