Run an Unsubscribers Report

It is a dark day in the life of an email marketer, when a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link in a mailing. Looking past our shattered email marketing egos, we have to see if we can figure out why an unsubscribe, or a wave of unsubscribes, occurred.

A great tool to gain insight into this behavior is the Unsubscribers report.


Navigate to Subscribers > Reports > Unsubscribers.

Select the appropriate date range, cancel method, and sort order for your inquiry.

When all fields are complete, click Submit.

Unsubscribe Report Information

A new window will appear with a list of all unsubscribed emails that match the criteria of the report. The data displayed is based on the selected data format. To learn more about data formats, click here.

The default data format shows:

  • Email
  • Subscribe Date
  • Unsubscribe Date
  • Unsubscribe Reason
  • Unsubscribe Method

Other information can be pulled into the report based on the data format that is selected.

Unsubscribe Report Options

Unsubscribe report data can be exported into Excel by clicking the Download Report button in the upper left on the report details page. To run a new unsubscribers report with different parameters, click the Select New Report Criteria link.

Any email can be resubscribed by clicking the Re-Sub link.

Use Unsubscribe Data to Your Advantage

Keeping tabs on unsubscribers is a great practice. Unsubscribe reasons provide opportunities to reach out (by other means than email) and discover why former subscribers left or to get their new email addresses.