How to Resubscribe an Unsubscriber

If an unsubscriber has asked to be resubscribed, you have two options. Let's look at both.

Option 1 - Resubscribe from the Subscribers Search

Navigate to Subscribers > Search and specify the email address for the unsubscriber.

NOTE: Click Current Status and make sure that either All or Unsubscribed is selected; otherwise, you'll see only active subscribers.

Click Update to retrieve the unsubscriber.

Hover over the menu icon next to the email address and select Resubscribe.

On the Resubscribe tab, click Resubscribe.

A message confirms that the unsubscriber has been resubscribed.

Click OK.

Option 2 - Resubscribe from the Unsubscribers Report

Unsubscribers can also be resubscribed from the Unsubscribers Report (Subscribers > Reports > Unsubscribes > Unsubscribes) by clicking Re-Sub next to any email address.

Resubscribing is Easy

Assuming that the subscriber has asked to be reinstated into your email marketing program, there are two ways to resubscribe. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to your Advisor. He or she will be happy to help!