How to Prepare for Web Tracking

Goal: Whether you are new to Marketing Automation, or have used other Marketing Automation software in the past, this article will help you identify the resources that you need to gather and the items that you need to map out before you install Web Tracking on your site.

Web Tracking is among the powerful features included in the Informz Marketing Automation Suite. It allows you to generate code specific to a domain you wish to track.  Once that code is installed onto your website, Informz will start receiving data about who are accessing your website and how they are interacting with it. Web Tracking is very similar to Google Analytics (it also coexists with Google Analytics peacefully), and now allows you to harness its analytical data for your digital marketing efforts. Web Tracking is an insight AND action tool, not just reporting. It can be a powerful tool, but with great power comes great responsibility. Planning your use of the Web Tracking feature is perhaps the most important step of all with this particular tool.

Web Trackers, Assemble!

Once you have your Informz account established, Informz provides you with the code for your website. You can even track multiple domains at once. Getting the necessary code from Informz is a quick and easy step, but before that code gets added to your website, stop and take some time to map out what you want to do with Web Tracking, as well as what you want it to do for you.

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Web Tracking Interactions!

Interactions are a key part of Web Tracking. You can set up the code to track specific interactions on your website (e.g. page views, downloading a white paper, clicking on a link, etc.). To be efficient, you’ll really want to come up with a list of all the interactions that would be useful for you to track. A great way to start is by making a spreadsheet of all of the desired interactions. If you are not sure which interactions would be valuable to track, start by asking yourself what you would do if you knew that someone interacted with your site in a certain way. “If I knew that, would I be able to do this afterward?” This allows you to leverage one insight to do something specific.

With great Web Tracking power comes Great Responsibility

Another aspect of tracking interactions to be mindful of is how your subscribers will react to your targeted interactions with them based on their interactions with your site. You certainly don’t want anyone to feel like you are Big Brother and watching them, so you want to be selective in how use the web tracking interactions to target them and send personalized interactions. For example, subscribers might feel a little overwhelmed if they get mailings triggered every time they click a link on your site of visit a page. Think of how servers in restaurant observe and serve. You wouldn’t return to a restaurant again if the wait staff was trying to thank you or upsell you every time you take a bite! However, if they happen to notice that your wine glass is empty, it’s perfectly acceptable if they ask you if you would like another glass. In short, establish boundaries and respect them. Identify the highest value interactions and focus on those the most.

You Wouldn’t Like Your Web Developers When They Are Angry

Always be mindful of anything that might require an outside vendor. Not everyone has a web developer on staff, and if you have contractors that manage your site, they are likely not doing that for free. The more planning that goes into your Web Tracking before you have the code installed, the less likely you will have to pay someone to install the code, and then again later to make revisions or fixes. If there is anything that you will use the Web Tracking for that involves another vendor or that would create additional costs to you, make sure that you plan as much as you can so that you minimize costs wherever possible.

Web Tracking Powers, Activate!

The basic explanation about how the web tracking works is simple: whenever subscribers click a link in one of your Informz mailings that launches a web browser, it will also automatically install a cookie on their browsers. As long as that cookie is installed, and as long as they continue to use that specific browser, Informz can establish unique identities when they visit your website. We know which one of your subscribers that person is and we can see every trackable interaction with your site. After your web tracking has been installed, consider sending out emails that are designed to be clickbait. You’ll want your subscribers to have those cookies installed as quickly as possible so that you can start tracking them. One idea would be to send out mailings that require them to click a link to confirm their subscriber details or preferences. The more clicks that you get, the more of your subscribers you will now be able to track.

A Page Tag Without Fear

Make good use of your page tags. Page tags will allow you to group the Web Tracking together for certain pages on your site. For example, if your blog exists on your website, and there are 35 pages for the blog, you may not really need to know how each individual blog page has performed. However, it might be helpful to see how the blog has performed as a whole. You could tag each of the 35 pages of the blog, and then the web tracking results for all 35 pages will be combined under one page tag. So, in other words, assets on your site might be spread out. Page tags let you group things together as a whole. The best part is that page tags are created and managed right in Informz, so you won’t need to involve a web developer.

Truth, Justice, and the Web Tracking Way!

Web Tracking requires planning, just like any other feature in the Informz Marketing Automation tools. The main difference is that there is greater potential for involving web developers whether they are in-house or contractors. Because this can sometimes involve an additional cost to you, it’s perhaps most important to plan for your Web Tracking above anything else you are using for Marketing Automation. Changes and fixes for Web Tracking can also make the process more complicated than it needs to be, so getting everything as close to perfect the first time around is ideal!