How to Manage Your Ballot

Once you have your ballot in place, you'll have several options to help you conduct a smooth voting process. The different options available let you manage your ballot in several different ways. Let's take a look at these options.


Hover over a ballot's corresponding Menu icon to display the different available options.

Here, you'll see all the administrative options that let you prepare, preview, and manage every aspect of your ballot.

  • Modify: Change the polling window, preferences, ballot message, or questions.
  • Theme: Add a theme/style to your ballot page.
  • Validate: Prior to sending your ballot invitation, you need to make sure that it was set up correctly. Click here to validate the setup. The ballot's status changes to "Validated" when this step is complete.
  • Mailings: Click to create the two required mailings, invitation and confirmation. You'll have additional mailings options to select as well.
  • Clear Answers: Clear any test answers you submitted before you send to your voter list.
  • Lock: Locks your ballot, preventing further edits. You cannot lock a ballot with validation errors. Likewise, you cannot unlock a ballot. This steps assures that nothing can interfere with the ballot results once it has been published to voters, so make sure you've done all your testing ahead of time!
  • Voter Roll: Click to view anyone who has voted in the ballot. You can view this information by data format.
  • Reports: Click to view your ballot report. This includes information about voters and the ballot results.
  • Preview: Preview your ballot.
  • Print: Print a hard copy of your ballot.
  • Copy: Copy your ballot.
  • Cancel: Cancel your ballot. This action cannot be undone (you'll receive a message to confirm that you wish to proceed).
  • Delete: Permanently delete the ballot (you'll receive a message to confirm that you wish to proceed).

So Many Options!

As you can see, there are many options available once you've finished creating your ballot. Take advantage of these! The design, validation, and reporting options at your disposal give you a great deal of information and flexibility with your ballot!