Create and Manage Authorized Users

If you want to add a new user, update an email address, edit a user's name, or change permissions, you are in the right place! To do this you need to have the Admin permission. If you have administrative rights, you'll see an Admin link on the the homepage.

If you don't have this menu option, check with the head honcho to see if it's appropriate for you to have this level of access. Remember, with power comes great responsibility!

There are no limits on the number of authorized users that can be created in an Informz account, so create one for every user of Informz. Sharing an authorized user can pose challenges when you are trying to figure out "who did what" in Informz.


Navigate to Admin > Authorized Users > Manage Users to see the list of authorized users in your account.

Select Create to establish a new authorized user.

There are three areas to be completed for a new authorized user.

General Information

This information describes the authorized user and also identifies any actions they perform in Informz.

New users created in Informz must be assigned a time zone. This is done through a time zone selector.

A new user must have a time zone before you can save. If you do not select a time zone, a warning displays.

For users that work in child accounts, the time zone will carry through as long as the user has the maintain child account permissions active (the child account time zone settings will be independent of the parent account). The time zone will synchronize between the Preferences and Authorized User pages. When it is changed in one place, it changes in the other. This ensures that when authorized users schedule a mailing, it is in their own time zone.

Login Information

The username is unique within your Informz account. The password requirements are listed on the page for easy viewing.


Select all of the appropriate permissions for the new user. Keep in mind that you  may want to assign permissions to areas where this new user will serve as a backup to a primary user. For example, if Sally is the person responsible managing your voting, you still may want Bruce - another trusted staff person - to have access to this so that he can be Sally's backup if she wins the lottery.

Click on the question mark icon for a description of the privileges each permission gives a user.

Modify an Existing User's Permissions

Locate the user to be modified. Hover over the menu icon to the left of their name. Select Modify.

Only Send Email

The Only Send Email permission negates all other mailing related permissions. Only select this if this is truly the only thing you want a staff person to do. Although present for these special cases, most of the time we'd recommend not using this.

After saving these changes using Update your new Informz authorized user is ready to get busy in Informz.

Troubleshooting Permissions

Occasionally an administrator will assign a new user a privilege (e.g., voting) and it will not be visible in the new user's account. To correct this, have the new user log out of Informz and then log in again. If that doesn't resolve the issue, ask the new user to clear their browser cache (CTRL + F5).

If a new user was assigned a privilege and still doesn't see it in the account after taking the previous steps, the issue may be browser related. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Informz and provides the best user experience.

Delete an Authorized User

Unfortunately, it's inevitable. Some of your colleagues will leave your organization. When that occurs, you also want to remove their access to Informz.

Hover over the menu for the authorized user that you want to remove, select Delete

Performing these steps will prevent a former employee from being able to log into Informz. In the event the employee returns, you can select the Show Deleted option, hover over the menu for that user and then select Unsubscribe to reinstate them.

Add as Many Users as Needed

There is no limit on the number of users that can be added to an account. Users can also be deleted or have their permissions modified by anyone with administrator privileges at any time. Assigning users rights for only the parts of Informz they need to use goes a long way to prevent errors and miscommunications from happening.