Emergency Link Change

Sometimes an email is sent with the wrong link in it. These things happen, but you're covered with the Emergency Link Change feature!

Here's how link tracking works. When you insert a hyperlink in an Informz mailing, Informz encodes that link so that the click, by your subscriber, comes to Informz first and then Informz redirects the link to its ultimate location. Because Informz is in between the mailing and the final location, you can correct a URL so that any subsequent clicks go to the right place.


Navigate to Mailings > View and click on the Sent tab. A list of all sent mailings appear. Adjust the mailing folder list view on the upper right side of the screen to locate the correct folder that has the mailing with the bad link in it.

Hover over the icon next to the mailing with the link that needs to be updated. Select the Emergency Link Change option.

Edit the Link

A new window appears listing all the links used in that mailing. Click Edit next to the link you want to correct and update.

A new window appear with editable fields for the original Link URL and Link Name.

Make the desired changes and click Save.

Link Change Functionality

Using this feature will update the link in an email that has already reached a subscriber's inbox. If the emergency link change is made before a subscriber clicks on the link in the email, they will be redirected to the new link.

Please note, only existing links can be edited using this feature. It's not possible to add a new link with the emergency link change when there was no original link listed at the time of publish.

There's Still Time to Save the Day

Being aware of the emergency link change feature is half the battle. Now you know what to do if a link needs to be updated in a sent mailing!