How to Maintain Web Tracking

Goal: Once you have installed Web Tracking onto your site and also started using the Web Tracking data in Informz, this article will give you tips and best practices, as well as some variables to look out for to keep your Web Tracking working properly.

Web Tracking can be the most powerful part of the Marketing Automation toolset. It allows you to harness the interactions on your website and use that data for your digital marketing efforts. However, this means that now you have to be mindful of what is happening with your Informz Marketing Automation endeavors as well as with your website.

Known Users

Are your Known Users increasing, or have they reached a plateau? Known Users are what give Web Tracking its power. Your subscribers will only become Known Users if they click on a link in any one of your mailings to have the Web Tracking cookie installed on their browser. When you initially begin using Web Tracking, there should be an initial push to get your subscribers to click on a link in a mailing by providing them with as much of the appropriate type of clickbait for them as possible. You should periodically repeat those efforts to help increase the number of Known Users (this will help you renew Known Users as well). If subscribers clear their cookies, reinstall their browsers, or even just start using different computers or devices, the Web Tracking cookie will be lost. You’ll want to encourage subscribers to click on your mailing links again to reinstall the cookie.

Monitoring Web Tracking Reporting

Are visitors to your site bouncing off and not interacting with it in the way that you hoped? Make sure that the pages on your site that you are directing them to are loading properly or that the content has not drastically changed. A higher bounce rate usually indicates that someone is not seeing or finding what he or she hoped/expected to find by clicking the link!

Monitoring Your Website

Have there been any changes to your website? Make sure that you are not missing anything that has been added to your site that might be useful to track as an interaction. Also, makes sure that all of the items that you are tracking as an Interaction are still on the site and working properly.

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Web Tracking allows you to see who visits your website and what they do with it. This can help you create powerful and dynamic campaigns in an automated fashion, but it is important to remember to monitor the Web Tracking reporting and the state of your website because they need each other to work properly.