How to Download Data

Solid data are vital to making informed decisions, and Socializer makes it easy to access the data you need to do just that! Let's look at how to download data from Socializer's reports.


Navigate to Measure > Download Data. The Export page opens.

Click the tab that corresponds to the type of data that you would like to download. You’ll see the following options:

  • Campaigns
  • Channels
  • Monitoring
  • Contacts
  • Users
  • Other

Select your desired report. You can choose to view an HTML version or to download a CSV version.

When ready, click Export. If there are multiple reports available, the button expands so that you can select the specific report date.

If you choose to export to HTML, the report opens in a new browser tab.

If you choose to export to CSV, you’ll be prompted to select a folder location for your download. Click Save to save your report.

One More Thing...

Socializer only stores data for 90 days, so if make sure you run you download data regularly!