How to Compose a Post

Social posting is core component of Informz’s Socializer, and it’s probably why you’re here. Regardless of the social media platform you’ve targeted, you’ll always compose a post (aka "message") the same way. In fact, Informz’s Socializer makes it easy to compose posts from anywhere in your dashboard! All you need to do is click Compose and you’re ready to go.

The Compose Button

The Compose button is always visible in Socializer. You’ll always find it in the top right corner.

Click Compose to open a new pop-up window to create content for one or more social media platforms.

The New Message Pop-Up Window

The New Message pop-up window is where you’ll do most of your content creation.

First, select one or more available services in the Select a Service field.

Compose your message in the provided field.

When you’ve completed your message, you’ll have several options:

  • Save: If you’re working on a draft, or simply not ready to post your message, click Save. You’ll have two options
    • Save Draft: Save your message as a draft.
    • Copy to Library: Copy your message to one of your libraries.
  • Send for Approval: If you have more than one Socializer user, you can send your message for approval to another Socializer user.
  • Send Now: Send your message for immediate posting!

Just the Tip of the Iceberg…

At this point, you’re ready to send your first message! Jump on in and get your first few messages sent, or scheduled to be sent. With the mechanics of sending being so easy, you’ll have more time to devote to crafting the best content – text, images, videos, calls to action – to elevate engagement as much as possible.

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