Higher Logic Troubleshooting

Here, you'll find troubleshooting questions for two potential problems that might occur with your integration. If you run into issues with your Informz for Higher Logic integration, take a look at these questions first - they'll help diagnose your concerns and might even provide a solution!

Automation Rule(s) are Not Appearing in Informz

  • Is the rule type a Create a List Of for your automation rule?
  • Does the automation rule name begin with the text "Informz?"
  • Did you click Refresh Target Group List in Informz to force a refresh?
  • Are you looking in the correct target group folder? (this can be set on the Online Community Integration Setup page).

Subscriber Counts are Different between Informz and Higher Logic

There are several reasons that your subscriber counts might be different:

  • Are there corresponding subscriber records in Informz?
  • Are the members unsubscribed, as subscribers, in Informz?
  • Does the member have a malformed (aka "bad") email address? (e.g. admin@@iamap.org - note the two "@" symbols)
  • Are there duplicate email addresses in Higher Logic?

Ongoing Support

If the questions above can't guide you to a solution, please contact your Advisor for additional support!