Higher Logic Syncing and Target Groups

Syncing is an integration process that retrieves automation rules from Higher Logic to create target groups in Informz. Informz polls Higher Logic in different ways to see if there are changes to the list of automation rules. A sync occurs:

  • When the Target Group List page (Subscribers > Target Groups) opens.
  • When you click Refresh Target Group List.
  • When you send a mailing using a community target group.
  • Every three hours during the business day.

Target Group Names

The sync process removes the prefix "Informz" from an automation rule. For example, if your automation rule in Higher Logic is named "Informz Has Started Discussion Thread," the corresponding target group in Informz is named "Has Started Discussion Thread."

Subscriber Required

The sync process matches an existing Informz subscriber record to a Higher Logic member record found in the automation rule. If a matching Informz subscriber does not exist, the Higher Logic member is not included as a subscriber in the target group.

Because Informz and Higher Logic connect to the same AMS/CRM, an easy approach to maximize syncing members is to create one target group in Informz that retrieves all members from Higher Logic. This creates a baseline subscriber set that matches members in subsequent Higher Logic-based target groups.

Using a Target Group with Mailings

A target group (created from Higher Logic data) is available anywhere you can use a target group in Informz. For a mailing or campaign, simply select the appropriate folder and then select the desired target group.

Using a Target Group with Campaigns

You can use a target group to activate a campaign. Any subscriber that meets the criteria for that target group automatically flows into the campaign.

Additionally, you can use Higher Logic-based target groups as the basis for decision steps in a campaign. For example, you can create a decision step that sends mailings to members who haven't sent any posts in your Higher Logic Community (provided you've created the corresponding automation rule).

Go Forth!

Now that you've learned about syncing and target groups with Informz and Higher Logic, go forth and use the resources you have available to carefully target your member base. Also, remember that Higher Logic-based target groups can be used in compound target groups to further narrow your targeting. Now that's precision!