Higher Logic Overview

The Informz for Higher Logic integration provides an effective way for associations to increase engagement in their online communities by leveraging Informz's ability to send targeted messages to community members based on activity within that community. This focused marketing can ultimately increases the return on investment in these communities.

Integration Benefits

Creating a vibrant and worthwhile community takes a lot of work. It is a long-term, yet beneficial, commitment for your organization, and there are many ways that you can foster a robust peer-to-peer community. Below is a list of ways you can use Informz to get the most out of your community!

  • Welcome Campaigns: New community members are introduced into the community in a timely and consistent way through automated welcome campaigns.
  • Nurture Campaigns: By acknowledging positive contributions among your community members, you foster ongoing participation and work to rapidly expand the community via nurture campaigns.
  • Behavior-Specific Campaigns: Best practices, such as having professional profiles and photos, are encouraged through behavior-specific campaigns.

All in all, using an Informz campaign maximizes the efficiency of your staff's time and resources. Once you have an upfront design that is ready to go, campaigns do not require any ongoing efforts. They truly are "set it and forget it" tools!

Aside from campaigns, you can leverage data from your community to develop valuable insights into your members' levels of engagement and participation. This helps your organization's overall digital marketing efforts in many ways. Through this data, you can

  • Include community behaviors in the development of Informz engagement scores.
  • Analyze mailing activity reports with filters for community members.
  • Create specific subject lines in  a mailing based on community activities.
  • Send targeted stories in a mailing based on activity in the community.
  • Reengage inactive community members through re-engagement mailings.

Additional Overview Information

The Informz for Higher Logic integration uses automation rules in Higher Logic to create lists of member email addresses. These lists are then pulled into Informz as target groups that can be used anywhere within Informz (mailings, campaigns, compound target groups, etc.).

Syncing for the integration is based on email address. Only email addresses that match both Informz and Higher Logic are used. If email addresses that exist in your Higher Logic community do not match ones in Informz, those members are not included in the resulting Informz target groups.

Duplicate Mailings = Bad News!

Keep in mind that if you have automation rules in your community that already send mailings to your community members, you will not want to use the same rules to send similar mailings from Informz. If you send mailings from both platforms, you run the risk duplicating your content! This could harm your sender reputation or worse!

However, if your Higher Logic automation rules do not send any mailings (or send completely different messages), you can use the data from your community to create new target groups in Informz.