Higher Logic Data Sources

Data Sources are administrator tools in Higher Logic. The Informz for Higher Logic integration specifically uses the List data source to provide lists of email addresses.

Note that all other data sources alter data in Higher Logic itself and should not be used for the integration.

Before You Begin...

There are two things to consider before creating data sources:

  • Only Higher Logic Administrators have permission to create a data source. If you need this access, please contact your Higher Logic Administrator.
  • Data sources can include multiple criteria to define a list. Always take some time to analyze the behavior you are trying to identify. Think trough these criteria to understand how they factor into your goal.

Creating a Data Source

Navigate to the Higher Logic Admin page.

Navigate to Tools > Data Sources.

On the new page, click New Data Source.

Click the first dropdown list and select Create a List Of.

Click the Select Query dropdown list and select the choice that best matches the member behavior you wish to target. For example, if you are building a list based on member posting, you'll scroll to the Post heading and select an item from this group.

Click Add.

If prompted, provide any necessary values.

Note that you can repeat the above steps as necessary.

Naming a Data Source

Each data source must begin with the text "Informz." This lets the Informz for Higher Logic integration differentiate between lists intended for Informz and those intended for other reasons.

Note that data sources can be associated with groups in Higher Logic. This may make it easier to sort/organize your data sources.

When ready, click Save to save the new data source and return to the main list of data sources.

Data Sources = Target Groups

Remember that your Higher Logic data sources ultimately become target groups in Informz. Think about this when you name them - you'll want something that you can easily recognize!