Integration and Innovation Saves HBA Time, Money, and Increases Engagement by 18%

May 31, 2017

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is a global non-profit organization with the core purpose of furthering the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.

If their name sounds familiar, it might be because they were featured on our blog about two years ago. They cut their newsletter creation time by 50% all while improving targeting and customization with dynamic segmentation.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. In fact, HBA was facing data integrity challenges, which were hindering segmentation capabilities and causing inefficiencies.

By integrating Informz with their association management system (AMS), HBA is saving well over 10 hours per week and seeing email engagement increase by 18%.

Here’s how they did it.

The Challenge

“Each week, we were running queries in our AMS, Protech, and manually exporting them and then importing them into Informz. We needed this data to dynamically segment lists for marketing,” said Phil George, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at HBA.

On top of this, engagement rates were much lower than they wanted them to be. Thousands of unengaged subscribers were negatively impacting deliverability, open, and click rates.

The Solution

Installing the Informz for Protech integration allowed HBA to realize an immediate time savings.

“Automating our list processes not only saves us hours of staff time, but it eliminates the chances of errors happening. Once you set the queries up, you know that they work, and we’re confident in the data,” explained Phil.

The integration helped HBA make informed decisions that would impact engagement – like removing subscribers who hadn’t logged in past a certain date.

“To have any interaction with HBA such as register for an event, you need to login to your account. We implemented a ‘Last Sign In Date’ field to start to look at engagement and segment our data.”

The data assisted the team when getting buy-in from the board. “It was very hard for the board to accept that we were only marketing to 21,000 people when they thought we had over 30,000,” said Phil.

The data justified this move though, and it immediately paid off.

The Results

Eliminating the manual downloading and uploading of lists is saving over 10 hours per week.

Acting on the unengaged subscribers saw delivery rates jump to 99%, up over 5% from where it was. Open and click rates both nearly doubled.

They were now positioned to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

With a fierce dedication to maintaining strong engagement, HBA saw enormous potential in two areas: a new welcome strategy and event promotions.

They implemented a welcome campaign that immediately establishes a connection in the first 24 hours of joining. The integration automatically creates a target group of new members that have joined in the last 30 days, and excludes them from other communications.

“We thrive on radical hospitality. Automation creates an intimate feeling with our members without involving manual work on our end,” said Phil. “We want to deliver them information in a way that they will best absorb it. Excluding new members from other emails prevents them from becoming overwhelmed when they are just starting their journey.”

Their innovative approach to event registration is causing spikes in engagement, too. HBA historically sent three emails to promote events: registration is now open, registration is closing soon, and a last chance to register.

“We found that people were not registering early because they knew they were going to receive that last chance message,” explains Phil. HBA altered their event promotion to consist of one bi-weekly email that includes list of local and national events relevant to the recipient.

Right away, open rates jumped from 12% to nearly 30%. Click rates rose above the industry benchmark as well averaging nearly 17%.

“The data shows that less truly is more. When you present all information front and center, all the time, it gets overlooked.”

HBA applies dynamic segmentation to this newsletter, eliminating another 8+ hours every time they create the email. The Informz reports from these promotions even play a significant role in shaping their event programs, giving insight to program directors.

“The heat map is their favorite way to see what events are getting the highest engagement, both regionally and globally.”

What’s Next for HBA

Always looking to continually grow and optimize their association, HBA is continuing to shape their approach to events.

They are currently developing a process where each program director goes into their AMS, loads in an event’s information, and has those details sync over to Informz and populate the event eblasts automatically. “We could potentially save 40-60 hours of staff time per week. Maybe more,” said Phil.

In addition, a robust preference management system is under development to serve members more personally.

“We have over 25 chapters and we’re shifting our operating model so that we can accommodate 200 chapters. Members will have the ability to specifically choose the chapters that they would like to receive information from.”

This personalized approach to events will keep members engaged and connected to multiple chapters, deepening the connection with the association.

The possibilities, as well as HBA’s thirst for marketing innovation, are endless.