GoToWebinar Integration Basics

The GoToWebinar integration allows you to connect Informz with GoToWebinar web conferences. Let's take a look at the core features and functionality associated with this integration.

How Does It Work?

For a particular webinar found in Informz, Informz can:

  • Retrieve all webinar participants (the GoToWebinar general term for a registrant or attendee) from GoToWebinar and determine attendance status for each.
  • Insert all webinar participants into the webinar_participant table, with the appropriate participant status (attended/not attended).
  • Registered participants are all subscribers in the webinar_participant table, regardless of participant status.
  • Participant attendance information is recorded in the webinar_participant_status_id column.

Key Features

Through webinar integrations, users can:

  • Import and synchronize webinars, both periodically and on-demand.
  • Sync webinar participants through the Informz UI or automatically when a mailing is sent.
  • Automatically create target groups for each webinar.
  • Associate one or more webinar organizer account with an Informz account. Target groups are created and synced for all webinars created by all organizers (organizers must be marked as active in Informz - see below).

Accessing Webinar Integration

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Webinar Integrations.

There are several available for Webinar Integration Settings.

  • Active: Click to ensure that the connection is active.
  • Target Group Folder: Click the dropdown list to select a folder for any target groups generated with the webinar.
  • Displayed Time Zone: Click to select the session time zone.
  • Test Connection: Click to validate that each organizer account exists.
  • Organizers: Lists all organizers. CLick Active to ensure that the organizer is considered an active user (this is important for syncing target groups). Click Actions to open a pop-up where you can modify the organizer credentials.

Time Zones

The time zone specified in the setup screen is used for the date/time shown in target group names. The time zone setting does not alter mailing times or any other time based functions in Informz. Changing the webinar time zone setting does not alter the names of existing webinar target groups, but it will affect the new target groups after the change. only new ones created after the change. The default time zone is Eastern Standard.

Adding Organizers

Click Add Organizer to add a new organizer.

You cannot delete an organizer; rather, you must deactivate the organizer to prevent further account syncing. Target groups for deactivated organizers will not be deleted. If the organizer is reactivated, syncing will resume.

You can change an organizer’s email address and password. If doing this directly through GoToWebinar (where the user email was changed in GoToWebinar), and is in turn changed in Informz, the organizer will remain active.

Integration-Specific Settings

Any credentials that link GoToWebinar with Informz are associated with a GoToWebinar account. In fact, the integration supports multiple organizer accounts, each identified by a username and password.

Saving credentials for an organizer initiates a complete sync of the webinars by that organizer. The initial sync is queued, and it will be processed with any other webinar syncs that may be running. This could potentially create a delay in the initial synchronization. The sync will include the webinars (to one year before the sync) and will create the standard webinar target groups.

Testing Connections

For each active organizer, the Test Connection button will validate that the organizer account exists in GoToWebinar. If this check fails for a unique organizer, that organizer is deactivated.

Web Conferencing + Emails  = Success!

It's probably pretty easy to do the math! By linking your webinars to your mailings, you will have an amazing new way to target your subscribers and understand their engagement wants and needs.