Google Analytics (MD2)

Google Analytics is a popular tool that many organizations use to track their web visitors. You can track hyperlinks in an Informz mailing with Google Analytics, helping you to better understand your audience. Let's take a high-level view of how Informz Template Designer 2 and Mailing Designer 2 work with Google Analytics.

Setting Up Domains

To work with Google Analytics, you'll need to add the domains that you want to track. Any added domains are appended with the necessary Google Analytics tracking codes. Essentially, by adding domains, you are telling Informz to add the tracking codes so that you can gather data.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Google Analytics to register your domain(s).

If this is your first time setting up Google Analytics in Informz, you won't have any records available in the table. Click Add Domain to enter the details for a new domain.

In the Add Domain window, enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk):

  • Domain*: The URL that you wish to track.
  • Source*: The click source or the origin of your web traffic (e.g. "google").
  • Medium*: The category fo the source (e.g. "organic" searches, paid searches, web referrals, etc.).
  • Name*: Keywords used to discover a site.
  • Term: Paid keywords used to discover a site.
  • Content: Information used for A/B Testing and Content-Specific Ads.

When complete, click Ok.

The information saves and is ready for Google Analytics use.

If necessary, click Add Another Domain to add any additional domains.

Source and Medium

The Source and Medium fields are commonly viewed together to create a more granular look at where your web traffic comes from (e.g. "google/organic" or "").

Google Analytics in Mailing Designer 2

To access Google Analytics in Mailing Designer 2 (MD2), open a mailing in MD2 and navigate to Options > Analytics.

By default, analytics for each available domain are enabled. To modify a domain's settings, click Change Settings. The page expands to reveal the domain settings for that domain. From here, you can change the following settings:

  • Source
  • Medium
  • Name
  • Term
  • Content

If you need to restore the domain to its default settings, click Reset.

To disable a domain, check the Do not track for this mailing checkbox.

When complete, click Done to save any changes.

Other Details

Any domains you add enable Informz to automatically add the Google Analytics tracking fields at the end of the hyperlink in a mailing or template. The values entered with the domain are used as account-level defaults for all mailing hyperlinks for the listed domains.

For tracking to occur, the domain must be an exact match in the mailing. This is particularly important when using sub-domains. If the domain to be tracked is entered using the www.domain.ext format, this supports hyperlinks in either the http://www.domain.ext, https://www.domain.ext, or www.domain.ext formats.

Please note that www.domain.ext is not necessarily the same as domain.ext. You must use the appropriate URL for your website!

Also, keep in mind that Informz only supports Google Analytics fields without spaces. If you enter any fields (Source, Medium, Name, Term, or Content) with spaces, the text version of the mailing displays the URLs with the corresponding space. This breaks the URLs.

Analysis Complete!

Make sure that you coordinate with your web tracking resources when you set up domain information. The information flows from Informz to Google Analytics, and you want everyone involved to make sure they know what to expect.