Google Analytics Basics

Google Analytics is a popular tool that many organizations use to track their web visitors. You can include the use of hyperlinks in an Informz mailing to track in Google Analytics, furthering your understanding of your audience. Let’s look at a high-level view of how Informz works with Google Analytics.


To work with Google Analytics, you'll need to add the domains that you want to have tracked. Any added domains are appended with the necessary Google Analytics tracking codes. Essentially, by adding domains, you are telling Informz to add the tracking codes so that the data gathers in Google Analytics.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Google Analytics to register your domain(s).

Click Add Domain.

In the Add Domain pop-up, enter all necessary information. When complete, click OK.

The information saves and is ready for Google Analytics use.

If necessary, click Add Another Domain to add any additional domains.

Google Analytics can be overwritten in individual mailings in the Set-Up tab.

Other Details

Domains added enable Informz to automatically add the Google Analytics tracking fields at the end of the hyperlink in a mailing or template. The values entered with the domain are used as brand-level defaults for all mailing and template hyperlinks for the listed domains. Users with the Informz Google Analytics permission can override these brand-level default values within a specific mailing. You can do this in the mailing's properties.

In order for the tracking to occur, the domain to be tracked must match exactly with what is in the mailing or template. This is particularly important if sub-domains are used. If the domain to be tracked is entered using the www.domain.ext format, this supports mailing and template hyperlinks in either the http://www.domain.ext, https://www.domain.ext, or www.domain.ext formats.

Please note that www.domain.ext is not necessarily the same as domain.ext. You must use the appropriate URL for your website.

Also, keep in mind that Informz only supports Google Analytics fields without spaces. If you enter any fields (Source, Medium, Name, Term, or Content) with spaces, the text version of the mailing displays the URLs with the corresponding space. This breaks the URLs.

Informz does not alter any hyperlinks you manually edit to include Google Analytics fields (in a mailing or template).

Five W’s and an H

Make sure that you coordinate with your web tracking resources when you set up domain information. The information will flow from Informz to Google Analytics, and you want everyone involved to make sure they know the "who, what, where, when, why, and how" of this flow!