Feeds (AKA “RSS Feeds”) are a common way to read/monitor content that you’d like to use with your own social media accounts. Best of all, they are easy to set up! Let’s look at how you can add feeds to Socializer.


Navigate to Content > Feeds.

If you haven’t added any feeds, you’ll see the following page:

Click New Feed to add a new feed to your Socializer account. The New Feed pop-up window opens. Enter the Feed Name (for your own use) and the Feed URL.

Click Save to add your feed. It now appears in the right sidebar.

Click the Pencil icon to edit your feed name or URL. Click the dropdown arrow to delete your feed.

Working with Media in Feeds

You’ll have a few options for each story that appears in your feed:

  • View Source: Click the Globe icon to view the source of your story. A new browser window opens with the web page that hosted the original story (as retrieved by your feed).
  • Share: Click the Share icon to open a new dialogue where you can share the story (this dialogue is identical to the compose feature).
  • Translate: Click to translate the story to English.

Don't Forget to Share!

One of the great things about using feeds in Socializer is the ability to share content directly from the feed! If you see something that is interesting, relevant, or engaging, make sure you repost/retweet it. Your audience is sure to thank you!