Failed Mailings

There's no way around it - no one is happy when your mailings fail to send! Fortunately, Informz has a way to troubleshoot these mailings. This feature, known affectionately as No More Failed Mailings, follows an automatic process to first retry mailings and then to notify you when something goes awry.


Any failed mailings use the following processes:

  • When a mailing fails, Informz automatically retries that mailing twice after the original failure:
    • After 15 minutes.
    • After 30 minutes.
  • Mailings behave differently based on their sending type (send once or recurring mailings):
    • Send Once Mailings: If both retries fail, the mailing is placed on hold.
    • Recurring Mailings: If both retries fail, the mailing continues to send any additional instances (e.g. if the mailing recurs on Monday and Thursdays, and the Monday instance fails, the Thursday remains scheduled).
  • Informz notifies via email any admins on the account where the mailing failed as well as to the user who scheduled the mailing. This occurs after both retries (either send once or recurring). Advisors are also notified.

The Requires Attention home page panel shows the details for any recently-failed mailings that have had no follow-up actions. It contains four columns:

  • Mailing Name: Each listed mailing is hyperlinked to the mailing designer so that users can directly address any issues or resend.
  • Error Message: Displays the reason for failure. Hover over the error message for additional details.
  • Mailing Type: Indicates the mailing type (Send Once or Recurring).
  • Send Date: The date/time the mailing failed.

All account users and Informz admin users can see this panel.

The Cogs Keep Turning Automatically...

Once upon a time, Informz manually retried all mailings. However, this proved to be inefficient and took the process out of the users' hands! Now, by retrying mailings automatically, we'll catch any initial errors right away. And, if the problem persists, you're empowered to see what has gone wrong!