Exclude Subscribers

Not every subscriber is appropriate for campaign. The Exclude Subscribers feature allows you to specify target groups and/or email addresses to exclude from a campaign. Let's look at how to use this function.


To access the Exclude Subscribers feature, navigate to the Campaign Designer > Activate tab. Click the radio button that corresponds to how you wish to add subscribers and then click Edit next to the Exclude field.

Click the dropdown list to select either Do not include in campaign or Remove from campaign.

Use the checkboxes to determine if you wish to exclude based on Target GroupsSpecific Email Addresses, or both .

If you select Do not include in campaign, when the campaign looks for subscribers to add to the campaign, subscribers matching a filter are not added. However, if at some point they no longer match the filter, they are then added to the campaign within five minutes of the change (i.e. this is a temporary exclusion).

If you select Remove from campaign, subscribers in the campaign matching a filter are immediately moved to the stop step of the campaign. This is a permanent removal.

System Exclusive

Developing a campaign is a rewarding venture, especially when you set up one that functions according to your every need. Ensuring that subscribers who match the exclusion criteria are kept out of your campaign gives you the extra peace of mind to know that only those who you wish to include receive the campaign's mailings.