Provides Event Information.

Element List

Data Element Type Length Conditional? Description
event_id Int True Unique Event ID
event_deleted bit True Whether the event is deleted or not
Name String 255 True Name of the Event
event_date Datetime True Date and Time of Event
event_header String -1 True Event Header (Top of Form)
event_footer String -1 True Event Footer (Bottom of Form)
is_activated Bit True Whether the event has been activated or not
max_attendees Int True Maximum number of attendees
web_url String 8000 True Web URL of the event
use_waiting_list Bit True Does event use a waiting list
use_early_bird Bit True Does event use early bird registration
early_bird_date Datetime True Date and time of early bird registration
use_late_reg Bit True Does event use late registration
late_reg_date Datetime True Date and time of late registration
payment_option_name String 255 True Payment option selected
not_registered_until_paid Bit True Not registered until paid
payment_type_name String 255 True Payment type selected
base_cost Currency True Registration cost
early_bird_base_cost Currency True Early Bird Registration Cost
late_reg_base_cost Currency True Late Registration Cost
refund_not_attend Bit True Refund if not attend
registrants_per_form Int True Number of registrants allowed per form

Request Message

<GridRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="event">