Email Authentication

To begin the DKIM authentication process for your sending domain(s), log into your Informz account and navigate to Admin > Setup > Email Authentication 

Enter your sending domain into the text field and click "Get Instructions" for customized DNS instructions. These steps are typically completed by your DNS admin or IT professional, so it is recommend they have access to log into the Informz system. Once the 2 CNAME records are added to your DNS, return back to the Informz page to run a test (keep in mind that the configuration will not be completed until the authentication test passes in your Informz account).

Click on the "TEST" button to see if the domain has passed authentication. If so, you will see a message that indicates the domain has passed the authentication test. The domain will then be added to the list on that page which can be deleted or retested if any changes need to be made.

If the authentication test indicates that the domain has failed, you can try the following troubleshooting steps.

You can follow the same steps above for any additional domains that will be used to send through Informz. You will see each of the active/authenticated domains listed in your authentication settings.

If there is more than one account (child accounts) being used to send mail, you have the option of either making the parent account the default manager for DKIM entries or allow each child account to add and make changes to domains sent through their account. If you check the box to make the parent account the default, then email authentication settings will be used across all child accounts and only the parent account will have the rights to make changes.

SPF is configured on the bounce address "", so no additional steps are needed. However, you could add "" to your existing SPF record for receivers still checking SPF on the "from" address (aka Sender-ID which is deprecated).