Editing In-Use Templates and Mailings

Sometimes you need to change the look and feel or style of your templates or mailings. There are a few special rules when it comes to editing in-use templates and mailings. Let's take a look!


  • Mailing: A mailing is considered “in-use” when it has been scheduled.
  • Template: A template is considered “in-use” when it has been used in a mailing (in progress/scheduled/sent)


If users deactivate an in-use template, they’ll see a warning message that notes “Deactivating this template will not affect an in progress, published, or scheduled mailings that are using it. Any current or future versions of mailings using this template are preserved in Informz.”

If the template is not considered “in-use” (using the above criteria), the warning message does not display.


If a template used for mailing has been updated, when you attempt to edit the mailing, Informz prompts you, noting that there is an updated version of the template available.

You'll have the option to let Informz attempt to migrate your content to the new version of the template.

A Couple Additional Things...

It's important to note that if an in-use template is deleted, it does not affect the mailing. The mailing maintains the template details. However, deleted templates are not available when you create new mailings.