Link Name Summary in Mailing Summary Overview

Naming your hyperlinks as you create your templates and mailings saves you gobs of time when it comes time analyze how these links are performing. The Link Name Summary report provides an easy to understand view into your hyperlinks.


Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing > Summary Report (or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings and click Reports in the upper right corner).

Select the appropriate filters in the Filter Mailings section on the Select Mailings tab.

Click on the View Reports tab to see your filtered list of mailings.

Click on the Link Name Summary subfolder in the Reports panel on the left.

You'll immediately see a summary for all the links in each mailing, with regards to how you named the link, that you chose to include for this Mailing Summary Report.

If, by default, these are the numbers you are looking for, then you are in luck. If you wanted to share this information, simply click Export at the top of the link report table. If you wanted to drill down further or to modify this information, there are several ways you can do so.

Changing Which Columns Appear in the Link Name Summary

Suppose you were only interested in the URLs and how many times they appear across a variety of mailings. In that case, you really only require the Link Name and the Number of Mailings to appear in the report. Click Columns to reduce the number of columns that are visible in the link summary. Clicking on the - (minus) or the + (plus) buttons adds/removes columns from the view. Click OK to finalize your columns and to narrow in on the details that matter most to you!

Viewing Deeper Information on a Link

Because Link Name Summary is a general focus of how given links perform, it makes sense to be able to drill down deeper to see which mailings the links reside in, when those mailings were delivered, and the available click-through information. To expand on a particular link, click on the + (plus) icon to the left of the Link URL, and to collapse it down, click on the - (minus) icon.

Refining Which Links You are Examining

While you have filtered down the mailings that you wanted a summary on prior to getting your Mailing Summary Report, you may find yourself looking a links that do not matter to the insights you are seeking. Perhaps you have zero interest in links that are not pointing to your website.  To narrow in on the links that matter, you can use the Search button found at the top of the Link Name Summary.

You can specify the Link Name, Link URLs that should or should not appear in the Link URL field, how many mailings the link was included in, along with details on click through. Whatever matters to you, you can specify it accordingly in your Link Name Summary report. And if you've gone too far with specifying, and you need a clean start, simply click on the Reset button at the top of the Link Summary.

Analyzing Links by Name is How You Win the Game!

If you name your links as you create your templates and mailings, you'll find yourself with an edge when getting reporting on your links. Having the power to analyze your links' performance is a great way to maximize click-through on your mailings or to adjust your sails to ensure subscribers remain engaged. Never underestimate the power of link reporting!