Analyze Subscribers - Individuals Not Emailed

Interestingly enough, there is one report available in the Mailing Summary Reports that has an inverted focus to the mailings you have specified in the Mailing Summary Report filter - it examines those subscribers in your Informz account that did not receive emails, given the filter specifications. This report is called the Individuals Not Emailed report.

There may be untapped potential to connect wit these subsribers. Use this report to make the most of this insight.


Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing Summary Report or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings > click on Reports in the upper right corner. Once you have done so, you may follow the steps to filter the exact mailings you are looking to report on.

Click the View Reports tab

Expand the Analyze Subscribers folder in the Reports panel

Select Individuals Not Emailed

The report looks like this:

This report can be easily turned into a target group by using the Create Target Group button.

By now, you'll see a list of those subscribers who did not receive any of the mailings you specified in the Mailing Summary Reports filter. You may export this list to share with others by clicking on the Export button:


No Subscriber Left Behind...

You now have an instantaneous understanding of those subscribers who have not received any mailings from your organization. Is that the way it should be, or are they getting left behind?