Do Not Send To

Do Not Send To allows you to identify specific groups of subscribers to exclude from receiving your mailings. This is an important awareness so that you are assured that you are sending your subscribers what they want.

Because this feature uses a target group as the source for the list, it can be populated from an integrated target group or from data uploaded into Informz. Either way, you will be a better marketing by employing this feature. Let's learn how to use Do Not Send To.


Navigate to Mailings > View > select a mailing > Set-Up tab.

Scroll down to the Advanced heading and click the Plus Sign (+) to expand this section.

Click Edit next to the Do not send to field.

A new window opens with several different "do not send to" options. Select from the following choices:

  • Those who have been sent this mailing before.
  • Those in the following Opt-Out List(s): You are prompted to select one or more opt-out lists.
  • Those in the following Target Group(s):You are prompted to select one or more target groups.
  • Those in this list: Enter up to 15 email addresses to exclude from the mailing.

Click Update.

Here I Come to Save the Day!

There's another benefit to employing exclusion lists in your email marketing. This can help conserve your email block as well as make sure those who opted out of these specific mailings do not receive them.

If your organization's email block is running low or if you think your are sending to people that don't wish to receive some of your mailings, then let the "do not send to" function come to your rescue!