Distributed Mailings

It is very important that you maintain a positive sender reputation - a negative reputation could affect your mailings! Whenever you are sending a mailing to a large volume of recipients, you should use the Distributed Send option. This option can help protect your reputation because large volumes of emails coming from a single IP address can be interpreted as a spam bot attack. However, by distributing your mailing into several batches, you will help ensure that email clients recognize your mailing and do not flag it as spam.


Navigate to Mailing Designer > Send tab.

Click Schedule Mailing.

A new window will appear with different sending options.

Select Distributed to have the mailing sent out in batches.

Click the dropdown list to select the number of hours to have Informz wait between batches.

To use a blackout period, click the corresponding checkbox (it is unchecked by default). Once checked, a menu will appear. Select the time frame that you want to use as a blackout period. No emails will be sent during this period.

Click Yes to schedule or No to cancel scheduling the mailing and to exit the scheduler.

Take Care of Your Sender Reputation!

This is one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a great sender reputation. To learn more about deliverability, check out the related articles.