Design Tab Controls in Mailing Designer

When you are working within the Mailing Designer, there are a few buttons in the Design tab that allow you to customize your on-screen experience. Let's take a moment to learn about these easy-to-use controls.


In the Mailing Designer, navigate to the Design tab. This is where you create your mailing content. However, there are a few other things that you can do on this tab.

Location Highlight

Here you will have the option to Show/Hide the Location Highlight.

When Show is highlighted, the different content locations will show.

When Hide is highlighted, the locations will not show.


Click Preview to view your mailing as though it was in your inbox. This will open a new window.

You can choose to view the HTML, Text, and Online versions of your mailing by clicking the corresponding buttons.

Email to Me

Click Email To Me to send the HTML and Text versions of your mailing directly to your inbox.

Final Thoughts

It is great to know all of the different features in Informz. Using these controls effectively will save you time and let you tailor Informz to your personal preferences.