Demographic Target Groups

Demographic target groups organize your subscribers based on their demographic choices. With this information you can start to understand the best ways to target specific groups through your mailings. In fact, demographic target groups are so useful that Informz automatically builds them from any demographic categories you create!

A demographic is just another attribute of a subscriber. How do you populate a demographic? This occurs via the subscriber upload process. In this example, let's build target groups based on the “Gender” category in the sample set below. Note that when you build demographic target groups, a target group is automatically created for each available option.

In the example below, only Male and Female were used. This results in two target groups being created. If additional options are added, like "Prefer not to answer," that would generate another target group being created.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

The Create Target Group pop-up will display. Click the dropdown list and select Demographics.

Click Create.

Enter a Field Name for your demographic.

Click the Type dropdown list and select from one of the three available choices:

  • [Standard]: Allows you to create custom demographic categories (this will encompass the majority of demographics).
  • State: Automatically populates the demographic choices with the all American States and Canadian Provinces.
  • Country: Automatically populates the demographic choices with all world countries.

Enter a Default Value if you would like to automatically populate the demographic field when it is empty for a subscriber.

Click the Selection Type dropdown to select either single-select or multi-select for your demographic.

Click the Display Type dropdown to select your demographic display as a dropdown list or as a set of radio buttons.

Click Add to begin adding your demographic options.

Enter the Demographic Name in the Add Demographic pop-up. Click Save to add. Repeat this step for each demographic option.

Each entry will now be listed as a demographic option. If necessary, use the Green Arrow buttons to reorder the entries.

Click Save to finish. Each demographic category will now become its own target group in Informz.

Time-Saving Magic

Because Informz will automatically create a target group for each demographic option, you will save time and resources segmenting your subscriber base, allowing you to focus on mailings and content rather than logistics!