Deliverability Overview

Your digital marketing reputation is critical to the receptivity and deliverability of your email marketing messages. While we'd love to think that this should be an easy thing to establish, there are some steps that you need to take to mitigate factors that could negatively affect your reputation.

The bottom line is that your mailing recipients want to be assured that any mailings coming from your organization are actually coming from your organization. This sort of email authentication helps protect your recipients from fraudulent email (e.g. phishing scams or other types of spam).

There are two important things that you should do to your Domain Name Service (DNS) record to ensure that you're doing your reputation justice:

  1. Complete DKIM authentication
  2. Update your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record

These DNS changes are not difficult to make, but they will require the skills of an IT professional.

Please be aware that you will need to complete these steps for each of your sending domains used in Informz.

Whitelisting your Informz IPs

In order to ensure your Informz emails are being received at your organization, we recommend adding or allowing our IPs at a global level via your firewall, email server, or spam filter. You may need your IT department to look at your organization's current environment to determine the proper level at which the IPs and or domain ( should be allowed. You can find the IP addresses associated with your Informz account by navigating to Admin > System Settings and then scrolling down the page. Click here for our whitelisting article.

You Have the Power!

Remember that by following a few simple steps, you can maintain your digital marketing reputation and be confident in your deliverability!