Deliverability - Getting Started

Below is a list of recommended deliverability items to be completed prior to your first published mailing:

  • Complete sender authentication on all sending domains being used to publish mail in our system.
  • Become familiar with our rules of use and best list practices because you are using our mail servers to send on your behalf.
  • Upload suppression/unsubscribe lists from previous vendor and/or current database.
  • Internally whitelist your new Informz sending IPs (publish and test). These are located in your account by navigating to Admin > System Settings > scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the two sending IPs. You may need to reach out to your IT contact for configuration at your organization.
  • Your IPs are already whitelisted with most major ISPs, but it is recommended that you reach out to the postmaster at your important/larger private domains to ask them to whitelist your Informz publish IP and the "" domain.
  • Consider adding a pre-header to your mailings to encourage subscribers to whitelist your organization's "from" address.
  • Your mail will be sent through Informz IPs, so it is recommended that you follow an IP warming plan to slowly build a good reputation
  • As you continue sending through our system, consider following our recommended best sender practices.